Our profile and mission

We have been an association, a common initiative and a platform that protects interests of a significant group of employers striving for a balance of business competitiveness with social dimension in favour of disabled people. We are realists – not idealists.

The Association of Employers of Disabled People of the Czech Republic was founded in 1993 as an interest grouping of entrepreneurs – employers of more than 50 % of disabled people comprising people with various type and level of disability. Today our target is not only a common approach and cooperation with state administration bodies, with lawmakers and with regional partners in this very specific and sensitive issue that involves free market business activities with integration of handicapped people. We also aim for assisting our members in mutual communication including business and informational support and spreading of both domestic and foreign experience in the given area of interest. The association is based on voluntary cooperation and does not create solid organisational structure, the individual officers work voluntarily also. We gradually create informal communication and advisory centres in regions and participate with our partners on organising professional and business events. We also arrange special seminars and trainings about various important issues not only about financial support problems.

We have been negotiating with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic and with our social partners a change proposal on how to change a complex approach regarding the support of employment of disabled people on the labour market since 2014. We expect to have first results very soon.

Nowadays our association has more than 140 members with at least 15 000 employees, 11 000 of them are disabled people. Regarding the number of working places, we represent one third of employees of all real entrepreneurial subjects with this specialisation. The members of our association are exclusively Czech companies; they employ solely Czech employees considering the character of legislative conditions determining the support of working places.

The members of our association are continuously and frequently checked by financial institutions and other state authorities as they are regular recipients of state financial support and benefits. Control results are in decisive majority negative. Above mentioned fact also bears evidence of a seriousness and reliability of our members as business partners on both domestic and foreign markets.

Our members respect the fundamental aim of their activities working towards the integration of disabled people into the society. The Association of Employers of Disabled People of the Czech Republic conforms to the content of Ethical Codex approved by the congress in June 2011.

The office of the Association of Employers of Disabled People is willing to provide any other necessary information and references about our members as well as we are ready to recommend a direct contact to our regional centres throughout the Czech Republic.