Who are our members

The members of the Association of Employers of Disabled People employ individuals who would like to work despite their handicap. In order to involve such people in the working process we must adjust not only working environment itself but also implement some changes of whole work organisation to fit all the individual needs of disabled people. And it is far from being a mere adjustment of physical working place within the meaning of eliminating technical barriers.

The employers of disabled people create protected working places within protected workshops. The concept of ‘a protected workshop’ has not been used in connection with employment in labour-law relation since 2012. At present, it stands rather for identification of ‘socially – therapeutic workshop’ within social services aiming for strengthening working habits of their clients. For employer – expenses per one disabled person are around 50 thousand CZK per year, in comparison to 120 thousand CZK drawn.

Should you become a one-off customer or a permanent purchaser of products and services from these companies you are given the opportunity to prove the fulfilment of the obligation to employ a given quota of disabled people in your company according to the Employment Act (§ 81 Act No. 435/2004 Coll.) by ‘facultative compensation’. It is not only a legal obligation to cooperate with this kind of company in most of advanced European countries, but also a part of the image of great and well-known companies and corporations.